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Library Guide

The Library of the Faculty of Forestry is the Department used for the teaching needs and research functions. The Library is intended for students, professors and researches in the first place, although it can be used by other citizens. The holdings of the Library consist of scientific and professional publications, mostly in foreign languages. Working hours of the Library are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. All information about the Library is available by the phones +381 11 3053 817, +381 11 3053 947.


All publications are classified by international standards for bibliographic description. The data are included in the corresponding catalogues.

The Library Electronic Catalogue – search
is included in the electronic catalogue of Serbia, created in the framework of the project Virtual Library of Serbia. It is entered by the link The Library Electronic Catalogue and then by the screen Virtual Library of Serbia - the link Mutual Bibliography -Catalogue database COBIS.SR.

If you want to search the entire files (archives) of the Virtual Library of Serbia, please click here.

In case you want to search only Library Holdings of the Faculty of Forestry, please click here. The link Faculty of Forestry is entered by another screen.

All explanations and search possibilities are found in the option help.

Card catalogue
In the name catalogues, catalogue cards are arranged in alphabetical order (by the authors' surnames).
In the professional catalogue, catalogue cards are arranged by scientific disciplines
The catalogue of the Ph.D. Theses and M.Sc. Theses, catalogue cards are arranged in alphabetical order
(by the authors' surnames).
Name catalogue of periodicals.
Topographic catalogue.

History of the Library

The Library of the Faculty of Forestry is the largest professional Library in the field of forestry sciences in the country. There is no official information about the Library work from 1920 (Department of Forestry - Faculty of Agriculture) because the entire library holdings were burned down during the bombing of Belgrade in 1944. The Library was established in 1949 and moved into the building given to the Faculty of Forestry, into the rooms which were not constructed for the Library. The Library is still in the same place, but an additional store was built.
The number of publications decreased sharply during the nineties, because of the economic crisis and
international isolation.
We hope that the holdings will be filled up again by the restoration of the old contacts.

The Former Library Staff

Library Managers

1. Sofija Stošic Vujanović, professor of literature (1957-1980)
Ms. Stošic worked in the Library during the period 1956-1980. She introduced the contemporary method of book processing and classification, helped by professor Dragoljub Marković. The professional classification of books by the fields is still used nowadays.

2. Milorad Šijak, M.Sc. in Forestry (1980-1996),
as the professional forester, contributed a great deal to the improvement the existing classification. As a specialist in library-documentation, he helped many future scientists in their development and improvement.

Professional staff

1. Simeon Rajačić – "Uncle Sima“, librarian (1955-1967)
2. Branka Vančetović, librarian (1958-1959)
3. Milica Milojević, librarian (1960-1991)
4. Branislava Lukić, independent librarian (1960-2000)
5. Radica Kovačević, librarian (1960-1977)

Library Organisation of the Work

For all your needs about Library, asking Mirjana Golubović, independent librarian in the Library since 1977., and Branislava Simonović, B.Sc. in Forestry, librarian since 2000.

Reading rooms of the Library

Student' reading room with 40 places for students, who use books for learning in the Reading room and for all who need the rich collection of manuals, dictionaries,bibliographies, encyclopaedias, lexicons, etc.

Professors' reading room and the Library of periodicals with 10 places for the Faculty staff and other scientists, who study Ph.D. Theses, the material from the Department of Rarities or the books obtained by inter-librarian exchange. The Reading-room has rich collections of manuals, new current serial publications, all editions of the BULLETIN (1956-2004) and the journal FORESTRY (1949-2004).






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